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Picture: Laysoft Equine Horse & Animal Bedding


Lay-Soft Animal bedding is used by a wide range of customers to bed down not just horses, but a wide range of both exotic and domestic animals - from guinea pigs to ring-tailed lemurs and meerkats!

Below are some of our satisfied customers' testimonials, which we will be adding to and will bear witness to Lay-Soft's diverse application

S. Walker - Saltre Stud
"I use lay-soft for all my show ponies and stallions and have found it to be 'the' best alternative to straw, it is easy to handle, absorbent & dust free. It doesn't stick to the ponies' coats or their rugs, making less work to keep them in show ring condition."
Amy - received 25/6/2012
"Hi, I would just like to say what a great product this is, I have recently started using it and find it comparable to other leading bedding brands that are double the price-converted Lay-Soft user now! Thanks"

Cotswold Wildlife Park
"We have been using Lay-Soft Animal Bedding at the Cotswold Wildlife Park for most of our species instead of the wood shavings previously used. We have found it easier to live with it isn't as dusty as other beddings we have used before, which makes a massive difference in some of our enclosures. It sits well, doesn't blow around and creates less mess in the enclosures. It is very absorbent and has made a real difference with the smell in the enclosures. It reduces the ammonia smell compared to other substrates we have used. We are very pleased with the bedding and it has worked out to be very cost effective for us too."
Bourton Vale Equestrian Centre
"After trialing a pallet of this easy to use bedding I have been so pleased with it I have switched the whole yard onto it - even becoming a stockist so we never run out! It is time efficient (taking a maximum of 10 minutes for a dirty horse) and cost effective in that not only is it cheaper per bale but it is more absorbent than shavings, and good for the horses being totally dust free. It is also so much easier to remove from horse's tails and clothing than any other bedding. We use ours on rubber mats but the bedding doesn't move much so would work as well without."
Mr. J. Best - Owner, John Best Racing
"We at John Best Racing have been using Lay-Soft for some time now and we are very happy with it. It is not dusty, stays clean and lasts well. We find it is good value for money and would recommend it."
Bryan Smart Racing
"We have been bedding our racehorses on Lay-Soft for some years now and we are very pleased with the product. I find that it does give them a good solid base under their feet."
The Vale Of York Polo Club
"The Vale of York Polo Club have used Lay-Soft Bedding for the last two years and have found the product to be excellent and the delivery service superb. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anybody."
Hillside Animal Sanctuary
"At Hillside Animal Sanctuary we are very happy with Lay-Soft. As a sanctuary we appreciate good value for money and a dust/absorbent free product for the animals in our care."
My Country Riders
"Well packaged in easy to store convenient bales, packed in plastic enabling them to be stored outside if need be. Lay-Soft recommend using aprox 8 bales to start a 12 x 12 stable. Initially we did not feel this was enough as it did not seem to give us a very deep bed..... However due to Lay-Soft's weight it actually provides a very sturdy base and we found 8 to be sufficient enough.
"Lay-Soft provides a very clean looking, sturdy bed. The horse we used to trial this product is well know for churning up his bed, however we found with Lay-Soft - due to its sturdy base the bed remained relatively tidy despite numerous rolls. On the subject of rolls, we also found that unlike shavings Lay-Soft does not stick to manes & tails!!
"Quick and simple to muck out, less wastage as the product does not stick to manure, we took the poo out each day and removed the wet once a week as recommended by Lay-Soft and found this to be plenty sufficient. We also found Lay-Soft seems to lock the wet underneath and only when the base is disturbed do you realise how much wet is underneath. In a well drained stable Lay-Soft should provide you with a good clean dry bed. On the subject of wet, the main weekly muck out proved to be a relatively simple job, due to the wet being locked in underneath we simply raked the top layer away leaving the wet base solid enough to remove very quickly and easily. We found topping up the bed by one to two fresh bags per week provided us with enough to keep a nice fresh, clean stable environment.
"All in all despite our initial reservations as to the depth of the bed provided from 8 bales we were proved wrong and 8 bales proved to be plenty. Lay-Soft certainly gets our vote for providing a clean, fresh, easy to keep stable bed and as an added bonus it looks good too."
Emma Barrett
"Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product! I had to put my boy onto woodchip, due to a slight dust allergy. I first had him on normal woodchip, but whilst at my local tack shop, I saw Lay-Soft, and noticed it was half the price of a standard wood chip bale, so I got a few bales to try it. I have been deep littering my stable for a week now and gave it a full muck today and I still got less out than when I use to muck him out every day on straw!! I was so shocked, thinking it was going to take me ages, and it didn't and when I put the bed back down, I only need half a bale to top it up. The bedding is on concrete not rubber matting and it has never split, and my boy moves about in his stable. He is a very dirty horse, but his bed is always so clean and easy to muck out! I love it!! Saves me time and money!! Thank you for a great product, I'm glad I tried it!!"


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